We get this question a lot. Some people think that lotions are not important to tanning and that it is just another way to make money.....oh, not so! Lotions that are created specifically for tanning contain elements that help your tan develop faster, allows the skin to absorb more of the light and helps maintain the tan longer. There are many lotions available and specifically created to assist you in your desired tanning goals.

At Zolarium we carefully hand select all of the lotions and moisturizers we sell and ONLY carry premium, high quality products. For help on what lotion is right for you just ask us! We can help you determine the best lotion for the best results! Protect your investment with premium quality, tan-specific lotions and moisturizers.


Specific ingredients in premium indoor tanning lotions that we carry at Zolarium offer refractive properties. These refractive properties help cause magnification of the UV light helping to better intensify the rays that reach your skin, helping to create a deep, rich tan more effectively and that lasts longer.


To maximize the effects of safe indoor tanning it’s important to have the healthiest skin possible. Moisturizer before and after tanning is an essential to acquire and maintain a great tan. Zolariums premium selection of  lotions and moisturizers contain many beneficial ingredients that promote healthy skin including vitamins, natural oils, minerals, natural botanicals, anti-oxidants and aloe vera. Our dedication to the best, most healthy tan possible is why we believe that there is no option when it comes to lotions and moisturizers.....it’s a must!